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See What Happened at the 2017 Southern Women's Show!

In the Kitchen

Are you a Master Chef hiding behind those old kitchen gadgets!  The latest & greatest kitchen gadgets will be on tap for you to see. Your next culinary creation is hiding behind the next corner. Possibilities are endless with all of the great products available at the Southern Women’s Show!

Itís 5 oíclock somewhere

It’s 5:00 somewhere, and if you’re going to have fun with the girls, we suggest you do it in style. Check out Mix It Up for complete one-stop shopping for your next cocktail hour. Don't forget to grab a sample of their delicious wine slushies!

Tara at Home

Tara at Home is a unique direct-selling company that is helping women and a few good men across the country build their own business around a simple premise: getting people back around the table. Tara at Home affords the unique opportunity to build and grow a business flexible to a person’s individual needs which is centered around products. Their powerful mission is to bring some of life’s best moments back to the table with beautifully designed all-in-one stoneware and other kitchen and home products that take the chore out of cooking. Stop by Tara at Home’s exhibit space at the Southern Women’s Show to learn more.

Whipping Up New Flavors in the Kitchen

Stop by the Cooking Stage to watch local chefs dish up their favorite recipes. Watch cooking experts in action and sample tasty treats. They will share tips on everything from picking out local in-season produce to how to prepare your favorite dish with a healthy twist. Check back for a complete list of events featured on the Cooking Stage.

Simple Truth Cooking Stage

Visit the SIMPLE TRUTH COOKING STAGE sponsored by KROGER and check out hourly cooking demonstrations from local chefs and cookbook authors. You can even sample the recipes made on the stage at the end of the demonstrations!

DíServ Healthy Foods with Angela H. Brown

Author Angela H. Brown, lost 60 pounds, and was border line Diabetic when she went on a life style change. She is now teaching others about how stress and weight play a role in your body. Angela understands that most people eat under good or bad stress and her mission is to make Memphis is healthier city. She has started a boot camp where she is helping men and women lose weight and feel better about themselves! She will teach you how to grocery shop, and how to eat on a budget. Angela is truly in her God given purpose, she is stress free now! Her passion has always been cooking and now she prepares healthy foods that will leave you wanting more. Before starting her lifestyle change, Angela was a size 14 and could not climb a flight of stairs, now she is a size 6 and feels like she can move mountains! See and taste some of her most popular recipes on the Cooking Stage and check out her book and DVD.

Advance Tickets Available

Your advance discount tickets will be on sale at your local Walgreens store starting February 10. Click here for a list of stores that will sell tickets.
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