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See What Happened at the 2018 Show!

Introducing BCG Plus Activewear

Perfect isn’t the goal. It never was. But finding strength in empowerment — now that’s a movement we can get behind.

When creating this line, Academy Sports + Outdoors put extra love into everything designed. The fabrics selected, the cuts sketched, and the features added all played a part in creating an affordable collection that was made for the active woman — no matter her size.

So now, when empowerment comes up, it’s not a distant reality. It’s something you feel every time you throw on your BCG Plus to conquer the day.That’s all the perfection we need to get by. Be sure to stop by the Academy Sports + Outdoors exhibit to see the fun and exciting BCG Plus line.

Bernadette Joy Cruz Maulion founder of Dressed

Bernadette is the founder of Dressed. Since 2016, Dressed has built a following of 2,000+ women who love the stress free service!  The best way to get to know Dressed is to make an appointment for private access to the studio where the friendly stylist team will help pick the perfect look from our selection of hundreds of dresses. Bernadette founded Dressed to solve her own problem of having to attend seven weddings in one year without breaking the bank. A native of New York City, Bernadette grew up with a love of fashion but an even bigger passion for helping women save and make money. Follow her on her path to financial independence (while still looking fashionable!) at

Wheel Pretty Fashion Show

Join W.E.A.N for the Wheel Pretty Fashion Show on Saturday, August 25th at 4pm.

W.E.A.N. (Women Embracing Abilities Now) is a peer counseling/mentoring organization servicing women and young ladies with varying degrees of dis-ABILITIES.
The mission of W.E.A.N. is to "wean" women and young ladies with dis-ABILITIES from having their limitations be their focal point, thus having them living "with" their ABILITIES.
W.E.A.N. also seeks to empower and promote wellness and independence at its highest level to end the cycle of isolation and poverty of women with and girls with disabilities. To help them become more productive we provide mentoring relationships, hosting community outings, workshops and conferences that teach coping skills such as advocacy, achieving higher education, career readiness, group fitness and wellness, classes, self-esteem, positive body image, owning their beauty and sexuality. 

Every Woman can be Fashionable and Professional

LaShanda Millner-Murphy
LaShanda excels at image building. She has helped hundreds of men and women embrace and understand the value of the ABCs: Appearance, Behavior and Communication. Such are the premier essentials of managing one’s image and presenting for an effectual executive presence. The game-changing results for many of LaShanda’s clients have been found in their experiences of stronger personal and career performances, becoming more marketable and gaining more visibility in their respective environments and work spaces. Through various engagements with LaShanda, whether one-on-one coaching, workshops, or hearing her speak, you will quickly understand “the way we choose to present ourselves affects the way we think, feel, speak, act, and the way others react to what we present.”
LaShanda is a native of Winston-Salem, NC.  Her brand “LaShandaM3” is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.  She graduated from UNC-Charlotte received a BA in Business and received her Life Coach certification and completed course at Carolina School of Etiquette.  Her intuitive style, ability to think strategically, more than a few moves ahead, time management and goal setting action plans are among the business disciplines that make her unique in the Image Consulting industry.


NASHONA is a fashion forward women’s clothing line that specializes in collaborating modern styles handcrafted with vibrant African fabrics from Tanzania.  A portion of all sales goes to benefit the Shalom Orphanage in Karatu, Tanzania. NASHONA, ("I sew" in Swahili), was created by Lilian K Danieli, a Tanzanian native who resides in North Carolina. Lilian established the line in 2012 with the goal of serving her community and merging two different cultures by providing traditional African prints in modern silhouettes for a unique statement. NASHONA's success is attributed to a loyal team of local Tanzanians, retailers and brand ambassadors who share Lillian's vision of fashion and philanthropy. 


Join Goodwill® Industries of the Southern Piedmont, on the Fashion & Entertainment Stage presented by Academy Sports + Outdoor Sunday at 3:00pm for the “Fall Fashions for Success” fashion show featuring models with true success stories. Following the fashion show is Bingo Bling at 3:30pm. Bingo winners will receive a jar of jewelry courtesy of Goodwill!

Discount Tickets Available at Walgreens Starting July 24th

Purchase your advance discount ticket at your local Walgreens store. Click here to find your local Walgreens. If you are outside the area listed you can still get tickets at your local Walgreens. Please call the 800-290-2090 number when you are at the store and Walgreens can make it happen. This customer service 800 number is available 24/7.
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