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2017 NEW Products

The Future is NOW with Boyce Thompson

Make no mistake: the lifestyle concepts that futurists have promised for years — homes that respond to voice commands, batteries that power the home, appliances that connect to the Internet — are here today. Join Boyce Thompson, author of The New New Home, as he talks about the top ten of the most innovative new home products for 2017, many of them easy for homeowners to install.  Boyce will present details on the new products at the Home & Garden Stage.  Check the stage schedule for times. 

In addition, you can tour an interactive exhibit of life-changing products, including robots that monitor indoor air pollution, sensors that help you track your sleep and more, apps that look after the baby, and countertops that recharge phones. The future is now!

Smart valves that shut off gas and water leaks
Manufacturer: Triple+
Cutting-edge sensors detect leaks and shut off gas and water valves, sending alerts to your smart phone
Super strong drywall that can hold a television
Manufacturer: CertainTeed
You can hang a TV or shelving from Habito drywall without using anchors or finding a stud behind the wall
Batteries that can Power Your Home
Manufacturer: Aquion
Salt-water home batteries, coupled with solar panels, can free you from the utility power grid
Sensors that Keep an Eye on Your Parents
Manufacturer: GrandCare
Sensors attached to medicine cabinets and refrigerators connect to a tablet computer and tell you whether your parents are getting around the house
A Doorlock that Guards Against Package Theft
Manufacturer: Gate Labs
The new Gate deadbolt not only shows you who is at the door but you can talk to them and let them in

Trackers That Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Manufacturer: Beddit
A sleep tracker slips conveniently under your mattress to track your sleep time, heart rate, snoring, breathing, and exits

Personal Robots that Take Over Household Chores
Manufacturer: Moorebot
A new generation of personal robots will mow the lawn, vacuum the floor, and even read bedtime stories to your kids.

Lights that Double as Audio Speakers
Manufacturer: Sony
Audio speakers screw into light sockets, enabling you to stream music anywhere in your home.

Bots That Behave Like a Personal Assistant
Manufacturer: Google Home
Voice-activated computers can be important allies in the digital world, adjusting lights, heat and music
An Oven That Knows How to Cook
Manufacturer: June
The revolutionary June oven can tell what you put inside and cooks it to perfection

Additional products may be announced closer to the show.

Apps that LOOK after the Baby

Sensors in your baby’s nightie monitor sleep, body position, and skin temperature
Manufacturer: Mimo
(Note: Google’s Security Cam will be part of this exhibit)

Home Systems Controlled With the Wave of a Hand

Gesture-activated pads allow you to control products and systems without touching them
(Note: Phillips Hue Lighting will be part of this exhibit)
Manufacturer: Fibaro

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Tickets will go on sale for $8.50 beginning January 25th. Click here to find a store near you.
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