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See What Happened at the 2017 Southern Ideal Home Show!

Showcase of Local Artists

Get to know local artists at the second bi-annual Showcase of Local Artists. These talented locals have come together to show their one-of-a-kind work in a variety of media and price ranges, including pottery, paintings, jewelry and accessories. Live demonstrations will be held throughout the weekend in the Expo Center.

Katrina Brown

Katrina Brown has resided in Raleigh since 2006 and is currently employed in the Healthcare Industry. She felt the need to do something “fun” in her spare time and turned her passion of fashion and jewelry into a business, Leather Glitter. She creates beautiful and trendy leather jewelry that is perfect for all occasions.

Randy Chapman

Randy Chapman has over 40 years experience working with various steel parts in a metal fabrication company.  However, it was not until recently he found a new way of working with metal.  After watching tons of metal scraps being tossed aside, he got the idea to try and put them to use.  Randy decided to take these sad, lonely discards and turn them into happy scraps of welded art including, but not limited to flowers, figurines, creatures, and cars. 
His creations are constructed from metal spikes, rods, slugs, and other pieces of steel designated for the dumpster or recycling. Randy loves to watch people smile and laugh at the whimsical characters while they try to figure out what scrap metal was used to create them.

Mary Stella Cronberger

Mary Stella Cronberger’s love of nature is what inspires her beautiful work. With a theme of nature she attaches clay branches and leaves to each piece. They're hand painted, bisque fired and then glazed in rich shades of greens, blues, and browns.

Clara K Johnson

Clara K Johnson creates mixed-media art depicting ethereal 3D abstract landscapes and functional art incorporating various materials.

Robyn Johnston

Robyn Johnston creates one of a kind sculptural mosaic designs for your home and garden.  She uses base forms, up-cycled pottery shards, vintage ceramic flowers and other found and forgotten items to create all kinds of designs including, planters, wall decor, garden critters, fairy doors, plant stakes and luminaries.

Diane Knesovich

Diane Knesovich is a self-studied artist, wife and mother. Pyrography (woodburning) had become a special interest for Diane that caused her to begin lettering, drawing and studying values. In 2011, she began seriously studying drawing acrylics, watercolor and oil painting during a prolonged recovery period following an automobile accident. Diane has pursued art passionately ever since.

Allen Montague

Allen Montague has been in the art business for 35 years and enjoys painting all styles of fine art and creating custom knives.

Seton McGlennon

Seton McGlennon will bring her canvas, featuring stories for examples, and her hand painted ornaments of individual’s home and various other designs. All of her artwork embodies memories as the common thread.

Mary Snowdon

Mary Snowdon creates beautiful nature-inspired handmade jewelry out of rustic mixed metals. Each item is unique and timeless.

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