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See What Happened at the 2017 Southern Ideal Home Show!

Danielle Colby

Danielle Colby, also known as “The Queen of Rust Picking,” from History Channel’s popular show, American Pickers will be joining us this spring. Danielle, along with her co- pickers, Mike Wolfe, and Frank Fritz, research and travel across America in hopes of finding natural treasures or rare artifacts that can be purchased from collectors and then sold in their antique shops. The men may be the ones on the road, but Danielle is the brains behind the maps and leads as they follow.  As a large part of the operation, Danielle can take something you may see as “junk” and transform it in to something amazing. Don’t miss Danielle’s appearance on the Home Ideas Stage on Saturday, March 25th. She will share her tips and tricks on how to turn an unexpected item into one that everyone begs for! Following her stage appearance, she will host an autograph and photo opportunity for fans, so don’t miss your chance to meet Danielle Colby at the Southern Ideal Home Show!

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